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Dryer Vent Cleaning

We are happy to give you a personalized quote on cleaning your dryer venting system. We also offer customized work, rodent screening, and upgrading of your ducting if required and will offer you a personalized quote. We also have a whole home vent cleaning package that includes all bathroom vents, exhaust cleaning vents, and dryer vents. Free estimates, no hidden fees it is a free estimate.

What you can expect when Enviro-vent comes to clean your dryer vent? First, we will inspect the entire length of your ducting and complete both and interior and exterior inspection and cleaning. We will also inspect the transition ducting behind your dryer and clean not only your ducting and vents, but your dryers lint trap and exterior vents as well.

Beyond cleaning your dryer vents we are also here to support other needs you may have to get your equipment running more efficiently. Enviro-vent also provides installation and repair work as required, this work can include some of the following customizations: transition duct repair or replacement, ducting installation, exterior vent installation or repair, custom ducting solutions.

Bathroom Vent Cleaning

Bathroom vents can be an eye sore and an unfortunate pain to clean. Aside from the look of a dirty bathroom vent, you need to consider its effects on the way your fan functions and its lifecycle if it has to work even harder to remove odors, reduce moisture and remove airborne contaminates from household cleaning chemicals. It's not worth leaving this dust collector alone.

Enviro-vent is happy to come to the rescue and take this job off your list of to do's. You can expect that your vent will look as good as new when we are done, and we will also take the time to thoroughly clean the fan and ensure it is working optimally. Bathroom fan vent cleaning starts at $25.00 depending on how many bathrooms you have to clean.

HRV UNIT Cleaning

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We know what it is like to keep all your vents clean and sanitized. Why not consider our air duct cleaning to improve your air quality, and health so you can have peace of mind knowing each of these dust collecting areas is shipshape? Besides the aesthetics of clean vents, you also benefit from increased life spans ensuring your motors are not having to work as hard, making them more energy-efficient. Contact us today for an estimate.

Thinking about getting your dryer vent cleaned because it is your priority? Absolutely, and we can take care of all your other vents, ducts, and exhaust vents while we are there too at a fraction of the cost. We are happy to help with the best service in the area and leave you with peace of mind and clean vents!